Current time in Nigeria

Current time in Nigeria

When we talk about the Current time in Nigeria right now or any other place we always talk in the terms of time zone. Time zone can be explained as an area on earth which comes between two consecutive longitudes and follows a standard time for all the purposes like social, legal or business.

Nigeria time - past history

In ancient times when there was no clock invented, the current time in Nigeria depended on the solar time. It's not only for Nigeria the whole world followed the time depending on the sun. At that time different regions have their sun dials to tell the time and thus time for each small settlement was different.

GMT came into existence in 1675 when Royal observatory was established to help the mariners in locating longitudes in the sea and give them a standard reference time. As the interaction between the different parts of world increased, the solar time was very different in different parts so Time Zones and Standard time came as a rescue to this problem. Standard time was first introduced in Great Britain in December 1847 but officially it was declared in 1880, while in New Zealand the official standard time got introduced in 1868 making it the first country to start following the Standard Time called New Zealand Mean Time.
Till 1929 almost all the countries in the world had taken the hourly time zones while only Nepal was the last country which adopted it in 1986.

Current Time in Nigeria

Nigeria is located in Africa and current time in Nigeria comes under Nigeria time zone also called West Africa Time or in short WAT. This WAT offsets from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) or Universal Time Coordinate (UTC) by one hour and thus it is represented as GMT/UTC+1hr. Other places in world which follow same time zone are Amsterdam, Belgrade, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Vatican City, Norway, Poland, Etunda in Namibia, and Tunisia etc. Thus we can say that all these places and other having same standard Time zone follow same time at all parts of the year.

Nigeria in general does not use Daylight saving time and follows the Standard time throughout the year. If there are any changes based on Daylight saving time, it is only done for the facility of tourists and the citizen to get more daylight in their daily living and to reduce the dependency on the electricity. Such change means sending the clock one hour ahead in the spring and making it one hour less during the fall season. Addition of this extra hour is very beneficial for the tourism in the country. Nigeria is approx. 180 North of equator and experiences a good sunlight of around 12 hrs. Nigeria lies under latitude 9.081999 and longitude 8.675277 and these coordinates can be used to create the map or in the GPS devices to locate the place. The time difference of Nigeria from New York is -5 hrs.; London 0 hrs.; Mumbai 5 hrs.; Paris 1 hr.; Tokyo 8 hrs.; Sydney 9 hrs.; and Toronto again -5 hrs